Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pre U Orientation Programme

The Pre U 2011/2012 Orientation Closing Ceremony

Peace be upon all/Greetings to all blog readers....

      On 9th May, 42 students (including 7 from SMK Sri Aman), registered as the new batch of Pre U Lower students of SMK Agama Saratok.  Ahlan Wa Sahlan and congratulations from us, the Pre U community. You have made the right move. Praise Allah.
      The Orientation Programme for the Pre U 2011/2012, was held with the main objective to familiarise the students with the new routine as a pre U student. It went smoothly as planned, which included sessions with the Form 6 Senior Assistant, Pre U Corruricular Teacher, ice breaking session with the wardens and the seniors.  They also listened to briefings on the subjects for Pre U given by the form 6 Academic teachers and enjoyed exciting games organised by the senior students. All activities were carefully planned and were in line with the school motto, Sucess in this world and Glorious in the Hereafter , Dunia Cemerlang, Akhirat Gemilang. InsyaAllah...
      Finally, on Friday 13th May, a simple and brief closing ceremony was carried out to mark the end of the Orientation Programme.  Syukran jazilan to the school counsellors, Madam Norhayati and Madam Maysharra.  Prizes were given away by the Senior Assistant for Administration, Ustaz Humam bin Daud, who also delivered the closing speech earlier.
      In a nutshell, the Orientation Programme was a success.  Simple yet achieving all its objectives. Congrats to all, the counsellors, teachers and all students.
      Below are a few photos of the registration day, the briefings and also the closing ceremony.

Registration Day

On 9th May with Form Teachers Pre U Lower 1, Ustazah Nooraishah and Pre U Lower 2, Madam Naimah at the school foyer, 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon.


Cheerful faces at the School Resource Centre

The Closing Ceremony
 Friday, 13th May at 10:00, School, Foyer

Sweet emcees, Dayana and Merlini

Heading the prayer for Allah blessing, Aizatul, PreU Lower 2

 Pre U Senior Assistant delivering the welcoming speech


Khairil, Pre U Lower 1, students' representative

The closing Speech by Ustaz Humam, PK 1

Saying the oath, the Pre U Lower Students' pledge

 The prizes.....
The Best Group, Head-Abang Shahrailey (Pre U Lower 1)

      Best Participant (Male)- Suarni,Pre U Lower 2        Best Participant (Female)-Dayana, Pre U Lower 1

"Kakak-kakak" Senior

Invited guests

 Alhamdullillah, that's all for the time being. InsyaAllah, the next entry would be about the school Teachers' day celebration, which once again would be organized by the Pre U students. Till then, illalika. Maasalamah.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome to our community... Pre U SMK Agama Saratok

Ahlan wa Sahlan....
 Dearest Pre U Lower students (to be)....
The two pictures below potray our warmest welcome to you all.

 Lots of love,
Lecturers and Senior Students.

Monday, May 2, 2011

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Peace be upon all,
All praise to Allah, the most gracious, most merciful.

Joining SMK Agama Pre U 2011?  To check whether you're in or not, click the link below:

Successful?  Registration for Pre U 2011 on the 9th at the School Foyer.  Bring along the following:

  • the letter of offer to Form 6 (downloaded and printed from KPM website)
  • SPM 2010 result slip
  • IC
  • Birth Certificate
  • Form 5 cocurricular certificates
And don't forget, back to school so, wear your school uniform. If you have your brand new Pre U uniforms, well put them on that day and hey, welcome to the club.  Make sure for 'big' boys, short and tidy hair PLEASE or otherwise,you will not be entertained.

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All the best.  Looking forward to seeing the new batch of Pre U 2011 on 9th May. SMK ASAS Pre U promises you fun in learning and success for your future  (and of course glorious in the here after.) InsyaAllah. Ahlan.



Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....