Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 school session begins....

Assalamualaikum/peace be upon all... May Allah shower his blessings to us all.

School finally starts after it  was announced postponed by the Minister of Education due to the severe flood that hit several states .May Allah have mercy. A warm welcome back to all. Praise Allah.

Assembly was held on Tuesday (yesterday). The first speech by the new principal, Us Roslan was indeed very exceptionally strong . Students were attentive throughout,  perhaps the new spirit they obtained after the long school break. 

ASARIANS, 2015, again is a promising year of excellence in all fields, academic and cocurricular activites likewise. So, ASARIANS, let us approach 2015 with boldness and courage. As ASAR TEAM, lets continue to put our best efforts towards quality improvement in all aspects.

Us Roslan bin Mohamad, the new principal, delivering his speech

The students...
That's all for the time being. See you all soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

In a nutshell....

      Peace be upon all and greetings dearest Pre U ASAR Blog readers. May Allah bestow His blessings upon us all.
      It seems like centuries that this blog has not been updated. The easiest way out to answer that 'query' is the 'snail pace' network connection or coverage.  Ha..ha.. True indeed (with supplementary LAZINESS...May Allah have mercy).
      This entry is the wrapping up for 2014. The following will definitely be in January 2015. Praying to Allah, hopefully to be granted with full of spirit before the eve of 2015. In Sha Allah....
      To start, Ustazah Seraya bt Sulaiman.... a name to be remembered. The 4th principal of ASAR. Yes, indeed a lot of changes ( positive of course), came along with her when she reported for duty 3 years ago.  We'll be missing her. She's now the principal of SMK Agama Matang 2, Kuching. We pray that she will continue to excell in her new school. We would never thank her enough for all her good deeds to us all. A leader, a friend, a mother, a name it. That's Ustazah Seraya. Once again, our greatest appreciation to beloved Ustazah Seraya. Personally, she is a very dear friend and salute her for the aura of success she brings with her where ever she goes.

Stay cute...lovely Ustazah Seraya bt Sulaiman
      Also receiving their transfer letters were Madam Jakeyah (Sabah), Madam Sabariah (Pahang) and Madam Anna (Siburan). We hope that these three will continue to contribute to their new schools and congratulations, we are happy that they are now closer to their loved ones.  On the other hand, it is sad to bid farewell to highly  dedicated teachers. Anyway....teachers come and go. We are still waiting for new teachers to report at ASAR. (Confirmed-Cucu Abg Kot is back in action@ASAR)     
      At the same time, we would like to greet "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" to Ustaz Roslan bin Mohamad Saini, our new principal. First impression, (a big biker, fuhyo!!!) and understanding (vast experience, fatherly).  We hope under his leadership, ASAR will proceed towards excellence.

       November 2014, Pre U students, Upper and Lower, sat for STPM Term 3  and STPM Term 1 respectively. Praise Allah, the exams went smoothly and the last paper was on 25th November. This also meant reaching the 'finishing line' for the pre U Upper as the students of ASAR. Pre U ASAR teachers pray for your success and  we would indeed miss adorable students like you all. See you all in March 2015 (for the results) with great news of offers for your tertiary education. May you all have great future ahead. In Sya Allah.

Pre U Cemerlang, cheerful with Madam Amira

Pre U Dedikasi... Adorable, aren't they?

The graduates

      Alhamdulillah, 2014, is another year of excellence. Congrats to ASARians,...administrators, pre U academic teachers, teachers, staff, students, etc. 2015, (Mu tunggu aku datang), we promise more success for ASAR,  the pre U unit, in particular.
      Wrapping up, thank you all for a successful year of accomplishments, achievements, and fun. Cheers. Happy holiday.....

Adios, sayonara, cheerio, annyeong....

 Signing off,  Wassalam.

Lots of love,

(  Ready for MUET?  :) )


Sunday, May 11, 2014


Peace be upon all/Greetings dearest faithful Pre U ASAR blog followers....

16 May, a day to appreciate all teachers. This link below is really touching for teachers (teaching students and who learnt from students) .  Happy Teachers' Day...

Love my Pre U students'

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Pre U Lower 2014

Peace be upon all. Greetings one again...

      5 May 2014, a new day, a new beginning, a new episode in life.... Welcome to the Pre U Unit, Pre U Lower students batch 2014.  Congratulations for being new members of the team. A long way to go ahead, a cheerful journey stepping together to achieve success... Insya Allah..


Ma'am, Pre U Teachers &Pre U Upper students

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....