Sunday, May 26, 2013

Term 1 and Term 2 2013

Assalamualaikum/Greetings once again. Praise Allah for another chance to upload  another entry for the Pre U ASAR blog.  As always, life at ASAR is super-packed (can use this term I guess...)

On 8th May, 21 Term 1 Pre U students a..k.a.Lower sixth formers registered officially as ASAR Pre U students. Ahlan wa sahlan and congratulations. A simple Orientation Programme was carried out from 13 to 17 May. Activities included briefings, games, social services and others. Below are the photos to document the events.

The welcoming banner

Zamzatul, registering as a student of Pre U Amanah

Madam Amira explaining to Darfirazil about the new STPM modular system
Tn Hj Kanil briefing the Pre U Students.

Briefings  by Us Norul (BA) and Miss Lyn (PA)


Full attention given

At the same time, their seniors sat for the Term 2 STPM exam from 20th to 22nd May 2013. The exam was conducted at the APD room to allow privacy and silence for the candidates.  InsyaAllah, success be with you.

Dayang Siti, calmly revising before entering the exam room.
Total focus

The school dismissed on 23rd May for the mid year break (2 weeks).  Till we meet again, maasalamah. Illaliqa'...

 See you soon...


Friday, May 3, 2013

SMK Agama Igan Benchmark Visit To ASAR

Peace be upon all/Greetings. Dearest Pre U ASAR blog followers... Do accept my apologies as the following entry for today's post may sound a bit formal.  Not in creative mode at the moment....A bit 'dizzy' after entertaining ex-fifth formers who requested for assistance in filling in the online forms to join Form 6. Below is the short report for today's post title.
Date:     29th March 2013
Time:    3.30 p.m.
Event: SMKA Igan Pre U Administrative Team Benchmark Visit
      SMKA Igan Pre U Administrative team made a bench mark visit to ASAR. The team leader was Ustazah Noriah, the school principal and she was accompanied by 4 others, the PK1, PKT6, and 2 SMKA Igan Pre U teachers. Ustaz Kanil, together with PK KK And PKHEM welcomed them at the school office and escorted the quests to Raudah al-ilmi, where the ASAR Pre U teachers stationed.      
      After signing the guest book, there were short speeches by Ustazah Noriah and Ustaz Kanil (Ustazah Seraya had to leave early for Sibu).  Next was the sharing session regarding the administration of  ASAR Pre U by ASAR PKT6, Madam Nelley.  The guests were also entertained with a short movie potraying the activities conducted or participated by ASAR Pre U students. Compliments to Iffa of Pre U Cemerlang for preparing the movie. 
      Later the guests were served tea and coffee with very delicious fusion cuisines  nyum...nyum...chocolate cup cakes, dragon fruit pudding, traditional 'kueh takir', red bean cakes and Laksa Sarawak.  The team made a move back to their hotel at 5.45pm.
Special pamphlets for the guests by Miss Lyn
Ustazah Seraya gave a helping hand and tips for serving too, to Ustazah Noraishah and Miss Aida
Mouth watering dragon fruit pudding-Ustazah Seraya's secret recipe
Ustaz Kanil handing over the souvenir to Ustazah Noriah
Madam Amira and Madam Naimah

Nyum...nyum.. Usu Lah Red bean cakes, DD's chocolate cupcakes
Tableful serving...MasyaAllah.... Alhamdulillah
Spot the 'Kueh Takir'
Enough for everyone...Siti Aminah, Nazahar and Faeez
Thanks to all pre U teachers, Madam Naimah, Ustazah Nooraishah, Madam Amira, Miss Marilyn, Mr Rahim, Ustaz Norul and not forgetting, Miss Aida for your contributions, hard work, efforts, time, ideas and the list continues. May Allah bless you all. Congratulations. You are the BEST. (Only the BEST in the Pre U team, InsyaAllah)  Well, that's all for the time being.
Before signing off, Ahlan Wa Sahlan to all pre U students session 2013/2014. Registration on 8th May.  See you all. InsyaAllah.
TQ Miss Lyn for the above photos. :)



Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....