Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Peace be upon all/Greetings once again. May the blessings of Allah be with us always. 

In today's entry, Pre U community would like to share our happiness with our dearest blog followers.  10 of our ex Pre U students (2009/2010 batch) have finally made it to U. Praise Allah. It was indeed a great news when Azwan informed via sms that 10 received the offer to higher instituitions. Mabruk....
The Pre U academic teachers decided to hold a small gathering to celebrate the 10 students. It was held at the school canteen with 9 out of 10 invited students attending. Tante, could not make it due to some unavoidable matter arrising. Anyway, those who turned up dressed 'all out'.  They looked 'smart' and very 'formal'. it is our hope that these few would achieve more success and at the same time become the true 'khaira ummah' InsyaAllah.  Check out the picts below.

Munirah, Khadijah, Norafiza, Azwan, Farris, Mazlan, Norafzanizah, Khalida and Asnida

Madam Naimah, Miss Marilyn and Ustazah Nooraishah

Mazlan a.k.a Len... presenting his 'touching' speech

'Ustazah Vogue' Khalida, cheerful then, now and always... 

Sharing moments of happiness

Well, that's all for now. We are indeed the proud educators of Pre U ASAR with 'great' students like you all. InsyaAllah, your sucess would be the motivator for more sucess this year. Amin.



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pre U Academic Month (1-31 July 2011)


Peace be upon all/dearest blog readers. 4 July 2011, the Pre U unit, coordinated by Ustazah Nooraisah-Head of Pre U Unit and was assisted by Ustaz Norulazhar (Pre U Exam Secretary) conducted the launching event for  the SMKA Saratok Pre U Academic Month.  The agenda during the launcing included poem recitation, gimmick,and the officiating speech by the senior assistant for Pre U Unit, Madam Nelley.  The theme, "Ke Arah Memperkasakan Pra U" was selected this year and for a start, involvement in all the activities this time, is specially for the Pre U students.  InsyaAllah, next year, doors would be opened for all. Below are pictures taken by Mr. Rahim, Pre U Cocurricular Teacher.

Afiq Asfar, leading the prayer session

Mohd Illahi, leading the oath

Pre U Senior Assistant, delivering her speech 

Peotry recital, headed by Khairil Dauie

The Graduation-Faiz Fadhlie, receiving the scroll,
witnessed by Ustazah Nooraishah

"Smart Pre U Boys"

"Sweet Pre U Girls"

The Academic Teachers of SMK Agama Sri Aman Saratok

To end, congrats Ustazah "Chot" for a smooth-flowing event, tq Mr Rahim for the banner, and to all Pre U Academic teachers, Mdm Naimah, Mdm Amira, Miss Marilyn, Ustaz Norul, Mdm Faridah, Miss Aida, Miss Hariyati and the whole community of  SMK Agama Saratok.  May we always be given the blessings of Allah. Amin.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Larian 1Murid, 1 Sukan , 1 Malaysia

Peace be upon all/Greetings dearest blog readers. May the blessings of Allah be with us always, InsyaAllah.  Here's another report of a 'happening" activity in school. Details as follow:

Date: 2 July 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 6:45 a.m.
Venue: Dataran Kejat, around the school
Activities:  "Symbolic Run", Aerobic exercise,  speech by PK1, Games-Netball (ladies) and Volleyball (Gentlemen)

50 students were selected to join the major run at MDS field.

Among those representing the school at MDS Field

Flags off by Ustazah Wan (PKHEM) and Us Humam (PK1)

And here we go.... your service, headed by Miss Hariyati

Mr Rahim and the boys

Can you spot the pre u lower boys?
 Illahi, Zulkarnaen, Firdaus and Afiq?

Ustazah Ati, showing her skills at 'batu serimban" game

That's all for now. Stay loyal to the blog. Maassalamah....

Sincerely yours,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Petanque HKS


Peace be upon all/Greetings.....

Petanque (Pronounced as pay-tong) is indeed a very popular game in SMK Agama Sri Aman Saratok.  It is also the the selected/compulsory cocurricular activity for the Pre U girls. The school Cooperative, organized a petanque tournament (double men/women) for the teachers and the non-teaching staff in conjucntion with "Hari Kooperasi Sekolah.  There were 10 female teams and 6 male teams.  The school Petanque courts were upgraded just in time for the tournament.  Ustaz Ahmad Rahimi informed that he and the Upper 6 Boys managed to "densely pack" (Correct term eh?) the petanque courts' ground (machine borrowed from En. Musa, Saratok Giatmara). For info, the Pre U Lower students and the Pre U Upper boys, started the 'upgrading project' starting from Monday, carrying and spreading the 'mountains' of sand, Tuesday, was to complete the upper most layer, the '20-tonne'  quarry dust before the courts surface was compressed. a very high level of commitment was indeed shown by the Pre U. Congrats!!!
Well, the above paragraphs are very wordy, so to tell the rest of the story, enjoy the following uploaded snapshots of the tournament, as the saying goes, "A picture tells a thousand words". in a nutshell, EVERY ONE PLAYS PETANQUE @ SMKASARATOK. :)

Briefing by the School Cooperative Secretary, Sweet Miss Marilyn

"Fanatic" Fans of DOUBLE D....Chaiyok!!!

Mr Rozi, in action

Mr Ahmad and Mr Mirwan

            Ustazah (Fauziah) and Ustaz (Shahrizan)
Madam Intan

Miss Diana, Miss Jesicca and Miss Chang

OTAI ehem..ehem..(Madam N and Madam Ros) and blooming new talents (Miss Ainul, Miss Khatijah)

Check them out!!!!
And here are the results:

1st-SILVER (Miss Aida & Ustazah Fauziah)
2nd-Double D (Miss Dyg Ida & Miss Hariyati)
3rd-AF (Madam Amira & Madam Faridah)

1st-Mr Mirwan & Ustaz Shah
2nd-Mr Abg Misbah & Mr Jamal
3rd-Mr Suhaimi & Mr. Zamri

To end, congrats to all, winners and losers (You are winners too for supporting the school Cooperative)


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....