Saturday, April 20, 2013

Uniformed Bodies Annual Camping Event 2013

Assalamualaikum/Greetings dearest loyal readers....

 Praise be to Allah.... Once again the annual uniformed bodies camping event was able to be carried out and it went smoothly. It was carefully planned by the senior assistant for co-curricular activities, Mr Hipeni and his team.  The event started on Thursday evening (18 April) and ended on Saturday noon.
Once again, the Pre U students were given the responsibility as facilitators to aid teachers in ensuring the smooth flow of all activities. Various exciting activities were held and to name a few.... there were jungle trekking, treasure hunt, and the 'must' activity, the marching  with formation competition. 
Not only being facilitators, the pre students were also given the 'green light' by the Principal, Ustazah Seraya, to put up a stall, with the objective of finding fund for Pre U activities.  The project was headed by Madam Amira and all the Pre U teachers were also involved. Alhamdulillah ASARIANS, teachers and students were very supportive. Our gratitude to all. Syukran.
Below are a few pictures of the Pre U Students managing their stall. Apologies for no pictures of camping activities.

Ustaz Norul preparing the sausages together with Thaqif, Faeez and Azizi
Umuu slicing the sausages
Mr Rahim and Ustazah Nooraishah
Madam Napsiah, counseling teacher and Zaki, Form 4 Amanah, giving a hand.  Syukran

Haziq posing infront of "Gerai Akaq2 anad Abg2 Pra U ASAR'

Hot Item, sausages by Iffa and Jannah

Smart ASAR Teachers in full uniform at the closing ceremony

Cheerful always, The Pre U Team
Pre U Cemerlang and Pre U Dedikasi
with Us Norul, Mr Rahim, Miss Lyn, Madam Nelley, Madam Amira and Ustazah Nooraishah
Hope the above is enough to potray the excitement that we have at ASAR. So, join us.  Till we meet again. Illalliqa...
Lots of love,

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....