Saturday, September 24, 2011

GotongRoyong PERDANA with SPI, guru dan ibubapa 2011

PREMIER GORO (SPI, teachers and parents)

Peace be upon all/greetings...

      Praise Allah.... Finally this blog is updated after the long absence.  Thousand apologies dearest followers as time seems to be running at a very fast pace and the race against time is totally impossible.  Astarfirullah....

      To date, countless activities have been carried out sucessfully and to name a few, there were the closing ceremonies for the Pre U Academic Month, Ihya' Ramadan, Humanity Dep't Month and we also had "Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri".  The second trial examinations for SPM and STPM also went smoothly. Today's entry would only highlight on the most recent activity, the Premier GORO.

      The experts/Officers from SPI or the Islamic Education Sector of Sarawak Education Department (JPN) headed by the Head of Sector, Ustaz Arip Saaya, made a 3-day consultation visit to our school, from 22 September to 24 September 2011.
Tea-break, Us Arip (in purple) and Us Abd Rahman (in black)
accompanied by Us Rahimi, Us Ruzuki and Us Humam.

      The first two days, the Head of Sector focussed on the academic and administration of the school. He gave a very motivational 'heart-to-heart' talk to all PMR, SPM and STPM candidates on the first day.  Special attention was given to the form 3 students  as PMR would be on in less than 2 weeks. (Let's us all pray for their sucess.) On Friday, he met all the teachers and later with the school administrators, at the Conference room, in the morning, giving advice to all and this was followed by a sharing session at 2:30pm with all form 3 teachers on final 'last minute' tips on ensuring students scoring the best results. (At least more than 5 Straight A's and no E's) While the sessions with the teachers were on, the form 3 students  attended two exclusive-cum- intensive workshops on Bahasa Arab (morning slot and English Language (afternoon-night slot) conducted by expert teachers from TUNAZ, Ustazah Habibah and Mr. Jamali from SMK Semerah Padi, Kuching.
      Finally, Saturday 24th, was the climax of the SPI Consultation Visit programme, GOTONG ROYONG PERDANA. This was truly a-very-much-appreciated and noble move made by SPI. It also demonstrated the high commitment of the Education Department, especially SPI, in their aprrehensive iniative towards supporting SMK Agama Saratok's mission achieving excellence.Compliments to all parents present too. We salute you for the ENERGY you gave and with that you all made a totally 'awesome make over' of the school. BRAVO!! and syukran.
      In his speech, during the closing ceremony,Ustaz Arip promised more programmes would be held in future, together with financial assistance (Alhamdulillah) from the department. Mr. Sham, our deputy head for Parents and Teachers' Association also gave the same pledge for more join ventures, especially between parents and teachers, for the benefits of students. A few snapshots were taken to be shared with the blog readers.

The Registration team, headed by Madam Norafiza

Farizan, with the 'special' tool for the 'washroom'

Father and son teamwork

Mdm Rosenah, Mdm Maysharra and Mr Chendang headed the pond cleaning station 

"This is the way to do it, son." Not all found in the textbook.
 Mohd Noor (5B) indeed learnt a lot that day.

"Bye..bye old hut".  Don't worry, a better one will be up soon.
Headed by Mr Mahidi and Mr Abg Misbahhuddin

Arshad, pre U Upper 2, never disappointing, always helping....:)

Fiqah, Memey and Farah, showing new signboard for the 'Ladies'

      To wrap up, we hope that with the sincere collaboration, in any means whether physically, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually, our dreams of seeing SMK Agama Saratok an excellent school, will finally be achieved. InsyaAllah,  May Allah give us more strength to carry out  our plans for the development of our beloved school. Amin

Till we meet again, be good Muslims. Maas salamah.


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....