Monday, January 16, 2012


Peace be upon all/Greetings blog followers,

May the blessings of Allah be upon us always.

2012, a new year begins.... It has been a while this blog is left 'untouched'. There are ups and downs of 'mood', therefore that's the reason for the absence, but never grieve, as absence makes the heart grow fonder and out of sight but never out of mind. InsyaAllah...

Well, what's new in school? A lot! Firstly, the administrative board.  Our new principal will report for duty soon, (after the Chinese New Year break, God willing). Our new PK1, Ustaz Kanil and PKK, Mr Hipeni, joined the school before the end of year break in 2011 and Ustazah Wan is recently appointed as the Senior Teacher for Islamic Studies. Mabruk...  Congrats to all.

The school is now undergoing a total 360-degree 'physical transformation'.  We have new sheltered car parks, beautiful sign boards, no more blackboards but we have whiteboards in all academic rooms instead(Lecture Room included), and.potted flowers all along the teachers' room corridor. No more complaints regarding toilets as 'large scale repair' was done and completed before the school reopened for 2012 teaching and learning session. The Lecture Room is now cooler with the installation of one unit of air conditioner. A lot more changes in the list..... in short, 2012 means a new SMK Agama Saratok, with a motto, SMK Agama Saratok is the BEST (Revive..., ehem...ehem... Pre U students, grab your dictionary now!) And, not only that, discipline wise,  (to date) no school rules have been broken. :) , yet..

2011 MUET End of Year Results
 Before ending, on behalf of all teachers, congratulations to Dayang Dayana (Pre U Upper 1), Nur Shafiqah Sapaie (Pre U Upper 2), Abang Shahrailey @ Putera S (Pre U Upper 1), and our 2011 Pre U Upper batch, Raanah bt Kadir, Rashidah bt Yakup, Seniah bt Sabian, Noridzwan b Sawi, Izzatul Husna bt Kasim, Nina Rohaya bt Kepol, Nur Fahana bt Jakaria, Sabtuyah Annur bt Jumat and Noor Eirney Izzaty bt Zaini for scoring band 3 in the 2011 End of Year MUET, that makes 12 students obtaining band three compared to 4 for the mid Year test. MasyaAllah, an increase of more than 100 %. (Grab your calculator and check your Mathemathics skill for percentage).

 The 'new faces' of SMK Agama Saratok would be uploaded and posted in the next enty of the blog.( image so far coz Puteri N - the amateur photograper, dropped the easy mode camera and it failed to function).  While waiting for the next entry, find a one-word synonym for fail to function. Clue: It starts with the letter 'm'.
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Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....