Friday, April 25, 2014

Mr Norul and Mr Rahim

Peace be upon all....May the blessings of Allah be with us always.

       In today's short entry, the Pre U Unit would like to express our greatest appreciation to Mr Abdul Rahim. His last day at ASAR was on 1st of April 2014. Mr Abdul Rahim is now teaching at SMK Pusa. Mr Rahim has given a lot to us, teachers and students alike. We pray that he will continue to contribute successfully in his new school.

Pre U Upper 2014 with Mr Rahim

      We would also like to congratulate Ustaz Norul for his new born baby. Another "hero" to cheer his life. We pray that Allah will shower His blessings to this lovely baby.

Ustaz Norul Junior 3
That's all for now. Stay cheerfull.
Lots of love,

Saturday, April 5, 2014

STPM 2013

Peace be upon all/greetings everyone...
       Before typing further.... our prayers and condolences to the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew of ill-fated flight MH370  which has been announced by our Prime Minister to have crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean .
      The 2013 STPM results were out on 18 March 2014.. Praise Allah... the results were indeed "shocking".  With GPS of 2.91..., Pre U ASAR recorded the best score beating all SMKAs in Sarawak. MasyaAllah. We salute you STPM 2013 candidates. Another yet shocking news is that ASAR ranked 2nd place after SMK Sacred Heart Sibu for secondary schools in Sarawak. No words to describe how pleased the teachers are . Praise Allah. Alhamdulillah. 
     Ummu Salamah and Fatimatul Zahra obtained the best CGPA (PNGK) of 3.50. Congratulations. Mabruk. With pointers 3.00 and above, a big hand to 11 more outstanding candidates.
The full results are shown below. (Our gratitude to our efficient Ustaz Norulazhar, Exam Secretary for Pre U). (Bear in mind, some retook the papers for Term 3, and results might be better. InsyaAllah, results would be announced on 24th April 2014)



CGPA:3.50 (Fuhyo!!!)

 To wrap up, once again, CONGRATULATIONS. Salute you guys. Not forgetting the rest of the batch, you also have done the best.  May success be with all of you. Pre U ASAR 2013 batch, you have made ASARIANS proud.  Do keep in touch.
Lots of love,

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....