Thursday, August 11, 2011

1 Malaysia Laptop

Syukur....Free laptops

Peace be upon all/greetings dearest blog followers,
      Praise Allah.... Finally, the much awaited (some almost gave up hope....he....he....) 1 Malaysia Laptops Handover ceremony was smoothly carried out at the school foyer at 11:30 a.m. today.  250 lucky students gathered at the foyer as early as 11:00 a.m., excited, to receive the laptop.
      After a short speech by Ustaz Humam, (PK1), students were briefed by the officer representing the supplier company of 1 Malaysia laptops.  As teachers, we also felt happy for our beloved students for getting their personally owned, precious, cute, highly appreciated ( do add on the descriptions.....) compact computers.
      Praise Allah again for the blessings given to us. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully these lucky 250 students make full use of the 1 Malaysia laptops towards achieving excellence, glory and distinction in this world and the hereafter. InsyaAllah.

     For the following pictures, identify who has the WIDEST smile? 

The agreement form
Unloading.....Hafidz with the laptops, from the truck to the stage

"Thank you...2X.......," said Alnur, Nazia, Azlin and Pejah

Dalila and her gang, Pre U Upper gals

Farizan, proudly showing his personally owned laptop

1 Malaysia, Aishah and Husna

For the Pre U lower, 10 were indeed lucky enough. "Durian runtuh Raya", a bonus. Praise Allah....

Farmizie, Afiq Asfar, Khairul Roslan and Zulkarnaen
(Pre U lower boys)

Norlela, Adziana, Mas, Nadzirah, Nor Afiqah and Farahana
(Pre U Lower girls)

Not to be left behind, anxious Mr Nai and Mr Abg Misbahhuddin, checking Hafidz's laptop

Gunawan a.k.a Pejan, Eman, Fauzi a.k.a Jeng and Ramlan

 Arshad and Zaidi posing on the memorable day....

Asrol, sending his laptop to Kak Ros to be kept 'overnight' at the office,
before bringing it back, the following day, 'Jumaat-balik kampung'

       In a nutshell, the wide smile on receiver's face tells the rest of the story.  Congratulations.... 
That's all for now. Till then, maasalamah. Illallika.

Salam Ramadan,

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....