Friday, November 4, 2011



Peace be upon all/Greetings dearest blog followers. Kaifa halluk.... Praying for the best in whatever we are doing....
      Here's the latest GRAND event at SMKA Saratok.   Congratulations to all form 5 students and of course our pride, the Pre U Upper students. And of course, the person who deserves to be given the credits, is none other than Miss Marilyn.  This cute lecturer has been working extraordinary hard since 2 weeks ago to ensure the smooth flow of the elite event and BRAVO, she indeed has shown that she is able to fulfill any task given to her. CONGRATS. Thank you also to Miss Azean, Madam Naimah, Mr. Najib.  These committed teachers, are the real 'backbones' of the programme.  Also not forgetting all Pre U Academic Teachers, all teachers and beloved students of SMKA Saratok.  Below are details and some photos taken by Puteri Nirrailey (an amateur photographer).

Date: 3rd November 2011
Time: 8:45 a.m.
Venue: SMKA Saratok Multipurpose Hall
Event: "Majlis Hari Graduasi dan Anugerah Kecemerlangan SMK A Saratok 2011"
Invited Guests: PPD Officer, (Mr Tinggal B Resat), Parents and Teachers Association Head, (Mr. Sham), Head of Departments, Principals, Headmasters,Village Heads and Fifth and sixth formers' parents.

Asrol receiving the scroll from PKT6, Madam Nelley

A pose from Noasima (Pre U Upper 2)

Pre U Upper One With Madam Amira

Cheerfull.....Mr Rahim with Pre U Upper 2

A moment to be remembered....Sabtuyah, Hazzera, Nuraisyah, Seniah and Raanah

Syahiran, receiving the scroll with a smile (always...)

The Graduates....Congratulations!!!!

A picture with the new Senior Asst. For Admins, Ustaz Kanil and all Lecturers
(not in picture-Camera shy Ustazah Nooraishah and Ustaz Norul)

Mabruk.... In a nutshell, Alhamdulillah, everyone was happy on that day. Thanks again to those who have worked extra hard and those who never stop supporting the school. It is our hope that our Form 5 and Pre U Upper students would obtain the best results for SPM and STPM 2011.  Let us all pray for their success, InsyaAllah. 

More photos in MEMORIES. :)

Congrats and all the best,

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....