Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Farewell 2012

Assalamualaikum....... Greetings dearest Pre U ASAR blog faithful readers..... May the countless blessings of the almighty, Allah SWT, be with us always. In the blink of an eye, we are about to say good bye to 2012. MasyaAllah..... How time flies.... Today's entry perhaps would be the last for 2012. However,  it's not a 'plain' fullstop as we'll meet again in 2013. InsyaAllah. And before we wrap up this year's schooling session, we have 3-in-1 report to be shared with you all. Do read on.

      Firstly, Academic Audit-cum-Mini prize Giving Ceremony for STPM Trial 2 2012. Mabruk to Ustazah Nooraishah, who successfully managed to hold an academic gathering for all Form 6 teachers and the Pre U Upper Sixth Formers. The idea was actually contributed by our beloved principal, Ustazah Seraya.  Students did a 'post mortem' of their own achievements for the second trial, instead of teachers, emphasizing particularly on their strengths and weaknesses. They then tried to find the best solutions to their problems regarding academic achivements by sharing ideas, opinions or tips, of course with teachers facilitating them all the way.  Praise Allah, the session was a success and each and every one of the students had a chance to voice out their views.
      The second part ot the event was the prize giving ceremony.  Prizes and cash (Fuhyo!!!!) were given away to high achievers for both clasess, for the top three positions, the highest marks for 6 subjects and for those who showed a great improvement in their academic achievement. Wow, quite a long report only for one activity. Well, here's the list of those lucky ones...

Top Three
Upper 6 1
First position-Dayana Abang Abdul Nasir
Second-Norlela Bolhan
Third-Dyg Ummi Nur Khairunissa

Upper 6 2
First-Dayang Nurfarahin Awg Madehi
Second-Noor Anissah bt Rahamad
Third-Dayang Nasfurizan

Tops scorers for Subjects
Bahasa Malaysia,Syariah-Dyg Nur Farahin
Pengajian Perniagaan, Pengajian Am-Noor Anissah
Bahasa Arab-(Dyg Ummi Khairunissa (Upper Six 1)
MUET-Rabiatul Adawiyah (Upper Six 1)

Significant Increase in PNGK
Abang Shahrailey@Putera S (Upper Six 1)
Suarni b Nawi (Upper Six 2)
Noor Azia Amira Khairol (Upper Six 2)

Congratulations to everyone and all the best for the real STPM 2012
Academik Audit Session

Performing 'post mortem' for strengths and weaknesses

Prize Giving

Upper Six 1 2nd goes to Lela                                        Upper Six 2 2nd goes to Noor Anissah

Mabruk Suarni, a great leap in PNGK

Prizes and cash exclusively only for the BEST

Next, Upper Sixth Formers 1, organised a class gathereing on on Sunday night 29 Oktober 2012.  They invinted the Principal, Ustazah Seraya and also all the Form 6 teachers. It was a very simple event with the main objective to ask for blessings from their teachers. The pictures below tell you the story.

The class cake....

Cake cutting headed by Ustazah Seraya

Khairil, Head of S.O.S. Good job for 2012. Future leader
Us Norul, 'sporting' throughout 2012
Khai, Tkah, Mer and Sheila

Teachers enjoying the food

And recently, The Qurban celebration, the first ever held at ASAR. Ustaz Norul was appointed as the head for this grand event and 'mabruk' again as it was definitely a huge success. All teachers joined hands in ensuring the smooth flow of the well planned activity. 2 cows were slaughtered (at Alit, Nyabor) and this was followed by chopping, slicing and finally cooking nyum...nyummm nyummm.... Again, let the pictures below help you lovely readers visualize the whole event. InsyaAllah..

Camery shy, Ilahi (facing Mr Chendang, Mr Jamal and Mr Abu)

Expert (Guess who?): This is how you do it....

Mdm Amira and Mdm Naimah (Answer for the above question....)

Chop, slice, then weigh

Mr Mahidi, another expert

Us Ikhwan, a future expert, he...he....

Mr Najib, exhausted and Us Rahimi, mantain you....

Miss Jaq, alway full of energy. Chaiyok...

Norfitrah(Lower 6 2), serving drinks for teachers

To end, below is one of the thousand snapshots taken during the Graduation Day celebration. Congratulations to all Upper Sixth formers 2012. May success be with you always....Insya Allah.

That's all for this year. Keep studying and don't forget your prayers. Be good, InsyaAllah....

Lots of love,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri Pra U ASAR 2012

Selamat Hari Raaaya!!!!!

May Allah be with us always.
Apologies for the long silence.  Too pack.  Too many things to do yet too little time.  Masyaallah.  Lacking  time management skill... Muhasabah....InsyaAllah... With this opportunity..(still not too late...), I would like to wish a blessed Hari Raya to Pre U ASAR students, ASARIANS and EX, and to all Muslims.  Do forgive and forget for whatever wrong doings and cherish our relationship this Syawal.

ASAR, as always, is foerever blessed with colourful events. Recently, we had activities for Ramadhan al
Mubarak, the exciting events for Merdeka Day (more coming) and latest (Monday 27 August), ASAR organised the first time ever Aidilfitri open house for all classes. Teachers (divided into groups) visited classes from form 1 to the Pre U classes. Students were very excited when come to entertaining their guests, especially form 1 students. Congrats to all.

Invited guestes were committee members of PIBG and they were accompanied by the school administrative board to ALL classes. (Guess how many.....?) Not to worry, food was enough for everyone, majority skipped lunch that day!  Praise Allah for giving us all the luxuries in life.

The Pre U unit (all upper 6 classes and Form 6 teachers) was stationed at Raudah al Ilmi (Lecture Room) which was transformed into a well-decorated multi-colour Pre U open house. Pre U Upper students were given different tasks from planning, creating door gifts (excellent job, Harissa!) receiving guests, ushering, serving, to keeping stock (Bravo Shaf) and a lot more.  Students cooperated well, both lower and upper 6 students.  This ensured the smooth flow although irresistable Raudah was always 'flocked' with non-stop guests. Alhamdulillah, mabruk to all Pre U students.  I can say that the open house event is the best organised by the Pre U students so far.

A lot to share with pre U ASAR blog loyal readers but let the pictures below tell the rest of the story. Oppsss... this in only part of the story (Pre U). Enjoy reading.

PIBG committee members at Raudah al Ilmi

Exclusive for VIPs

Door gifts for every one

Mr Mirwan, Pheewit...               Miss Azean: Say cheese....

Ustaz Rahimi and his juniors

Us Norul: Boleh tahe ju'gak kelupih ni....

Faiz: Sila...sila....

Mr. Sulaiman, Us Ruzuki and Mr Zamri

Jemput makan Us Amal
Gentlemen.... Mr Mahidi, Us Humam, Mr Ajilina, Mr Ahmad and Mr Najib

Ustazah Nooraishah and her group

Sensational in baju Melayu, Zul, Shahidin and Afiq 
Feminine in kurung, Farah, Fajrul, Lela and Merlini

Our beloved PK 1, Us Kanil

Mr Mahidi, smart in pink

Putera S: Sori Ustaz. Ampun segala salah silap.

Pre U students entertaining the crowd.

Mdm May: Serunding? 
 Ustazah Wan: Don't worry, May. I've brought dodol from Klate.

Pre U open house, a strong attraction. Agree?

Congrats Pre U!!! Forever THE BEST!
Selamat Hari Raya..... Lots of love.....


Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Teachers' Day (2) 16 May 2012

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all anxious readers.....    A continuation of previous entry...

The stage given a 'touch up' by the Pre U Upper students.

1 Malaysia..
.The Kampung Boys....ops....Kompang Boys, adding sound effect for the event. TQ

Sweet Amoy, Ida and Dayang at the entrance....

Cutting the ribbon, Pengetua and all PK's

Oath by all teachers, a vow of commitment and dedication to the teaching profession

Book-shaped cake, complimentary from Mohd Amirul Mustaqim of Form 5A

2-tier cake from Rayyan Bakery.

The principal heading the cake-cutting event

Prizes to Petanque Champs
Ladies Double-Madam Amira and Miss Hariyati.....Mabruk...Fuhyo.....

Men Double-Ustaz Rahimi and Ustaz Khairi

And, it's still not too late to wish "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" to the new members of Pre U ASAR, Lower 6 formers.

      In conclusion, the 2-day occasion was indeed the best ever conducted by Pre U Unit so far. Congrats to Mr Rahim and Madam Amira and of course, "thumbs up" to the Pre U ASAR students. We are proud of you all.

      To end, a happy teachers' day to everyone and to Pre U academic teachers, you are No.1 always, insyaAllah.


Stay cheerful,

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....