Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Teachers' Day (2) 16 May 2012

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all anxious readers.....    A continuation of previous entry...

The stage given a 'touch up' by the Pre U Upper students.

1 Malaysia..
.The Kampung Boys....ops....Kompang Boys, adding sound effect for the event. TQ

Sweet Amoy, Ida and Dayang at the entrance....

Cutting the ribbon, Pengetua and all PK's

Oath by all teachers, a vow of commitment and dedication to the teaching profession

Book-shaped cake, complimentary from Mohd Amirul Mustaqim of Form 5A

2-tier cake from Rayyan Bakery.

The principal heading the cake-cutting event

Prizes to Petanque Champs
Ladies Double-Madam Amira and Miss Hariyati.....Mabruk...Fuhyo.....

Men Double-Ustaz Rahimi and Ustaz Khairi

And, it's still not too late to wish "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" to the new members of Pre U ASAR, Lower 6 formers.

      In conclusion, the 2-day occasion was indeed the best ever conducted by Pre U Unit so far. Congrats to Mr Rahim and Madam Amira and of course, "thumbs up" to the Pre U ASAR students. We are proud of you all.

      To end, a happy teachers' day to everyone and to Pre U academic teachers, you are No.1 always, insyaAllah.


Stay cheerful,


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....