Friday, June 11, 2010

Kaifa Halluk.....

InsyaAllah, we are all under the shelter of Allah. Thank Allah for the blessings, for the enjoyable days, our health, etc.... etc... etc...... 'Countlless'... Alhamdulillah.
It has been quite some time that this blog, Pre U ASAS Blog, is not updated.
Pre U Asas members, putera and puteri, there will be another one week plus remaining of the mid year break. How do you all fill your days? Praise Allah for the never 'ending leisure' that you all are enjoying now. However, do not just keep dreaming, putera and puteri ASAS. Remember, it's hard work after this long break. Therefore, look ahead. Alongside your daily 'routined' activities as muslims, filial sons or daughters, bear in mind, you are also, PRE U Students.
Read a lot, especially newspapers, listen to the radio or watch tv (current issues, news, talk shows, documentaries to name a few examples...) As senior students (and almost adults), you should be ably to justify what your are reading, listening or watching. Filter those 'unnecessary enjoyment'.
If your are travelling with your family, write about your adventures in your diary, log book, blog or your own journal. Try writing using the English Language. Don't worry about grammar. Express in your own way.
Have you read about Mavi Marmara and MV Rachel Corrie? Are you aware ot the 10th Malaysia Plan? With the input that you get during your break, insyaAllah, will help you to prepare yourselves when school reopens. You need a lot of input for your 'Pengajian Am' and MUET, of course.
Well, have to pen off, I mean 'mouse' off ( Ha...ha... MUET joke). See you all soon. Do check out the attachment below and support
efforts to help Palestine. Till then, ma’assalama and wassalam....

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....