Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Pictures Of Hari Kooperasi Sekolah (HKS)

Peace be upon all/greetings once again.....

Dearest Pre U ASAS students and faithful blog followers. Here are more pictures of Hari Kooperasi Sekolah (SMKASAS 2010)

1. Invited guest and school admins at the "Tree Planting" event officiating the launching of Hari Kooperasi Sekolah (from left, Miss Marilyn, Madam Nelley, Mr. Tan, Madam Naimah, Mr Zaidi and Ustaz Zahar) and of course, Super Seniors, Azwan, Fitri and Al Zubair.

Prize-giving to the best school cooperator ( correct term Miss Marilyn?) to Mazlan Suud of Upper 6 1.

Pre U Asas Students taking part in the Petanque Competition. Spot your own pictures.... :)

That's all for now. However, before I end tody's entry, on behalf of PreU ASAS, we would like to bid farewell to our PKHEM, Ustaz Zaharudin Zahari, who is recently transferred to SMK (A)SHAOW. All the best and do not forget us at PreUASAS. Thanks for all the good things that you have given us.
Lots of love and wassalam,


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....