Thursday, August 19, 2010

Merdeka Raya

Peace be upon all/greetings, and of course, Salam 1Malaysia (patriotic eh?)

As Merdeka Day (to be followed by Malaysia Day) approaches, and amid the calls made by 'Jabatan Kemanusiaan' (Miss Lenny-Senior teacher) to decorate classes with the Jalur Gemilang, the preU ASAS students gathered at the school foyer on Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th for a special activity. The idea was initiated by the Form 6 Teacher in-charge of co-curricular activities, Mr Abdul Rahim Alim and was supported by all form 6 lecturers.
On Monday, form 6 students enjoyed a very 'relaxing activity', colouring the Jalur Gemilang and followed by colouring the 'Sarawak flag' the following Wednesday. These flags to be 'produced' by the sixth formers would later be used to decorate their tutorial classes.

While colouring, prizes for best colloquium presentations were given away by Miss Marilyn (Head of Research). Not only the best grabbed gifts, consolation prizes were distributed too.

Pre STPM 1 Examination has just begun this morning with the MUET Reading component first on the list. OMR answer sheets have been marked and for Upper 6 2, Farris scored the highest! Congrats!!!
More papers to come. Do manage your time well, pre U students. God willing, you're on the right path.

Anyway, its 8th Ramadan. So far so good? Congrats again, count your blessings for being a part of this beloved school.

That's all for now. Maassalaamah.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ahlan wa Sahlan Ya Ramadan!

Peace be upon all/ Greetings to all blog followers...

How time flies......It's 2nd of Ramadan.... This means that the Lower Six Students have been here for almost three months. You have gone through your "HONEY MOON PHASE" and now you should be in "ADJUSTMENT PHASE". I believe that you are now accustomed to Pre-U routines. CONGRATS.....

On the other hand, the upper 6, at this juncture, its 101 days (including weekends and holidays) to your BIG TEST, STPM 2010. Are you READY?

Here's the list (to name a few...) of activities to date.

1. Perkhemahan Rakan Muda 1Malaysia (22-24 July) where the Form 6 were appointed as facilitators. We had camping, jungle trekking, 'jungle cooking', telematch and the most 'happening'-the Flying Fox
2. Perkhemahan Program Peningkatan Disiplin. (31 July) FACT- Lower 6 students were specially invited to join the camp, none with discipline case!
3. Upper 6 Educational Trip to Kuching (2-4 Aug) accompanied by Mr Abd Rahim, Miss Marilyn, Ustaz Amal and Counselling Teacher, Madam Norhayati.
4. Launch of Bulan Jabatan Kemanusiaan cum Bulan Kemerdekaan. (9 Aug)
5. Latest, TALK on Writing Resume and Attending Interview by PTPL lecturers at the school library, (11 Aug)

Before I end, happy fasting and grab the 'barakah' in this blessed Ramadan. Amin......


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....