Saturday, February 26, 2011


Peace be upon all and greetings to dearest anxious blog followers.... Barakallah... All praise be to Allah..... for all the blessings... Here you are, the details...

  • No of candidates-35 candidates
  • % Pass-97.14%
  • Min PNGK (GPS)-2.29 (National-2.27)
  • 4P-13 candidates
  • 3P-15 candidates
  • 2P-6 candidates
  • 1p-None
  • 0P-1 candidate

  • Top Achievers

    Nor Afzanizah bt Yusuf-3.25

    Khalida bt Halim-3.08

    Suryanti bt Mahidi-3.08

    Mohd Farris-3.00

    Siti Khadijah-3.00

    On behalf of Pre U Unit, we would like to congratulate not only the top achievers listed above, but also to all candidates. You have shown us that, you have the potentials together with your pleasant attitude, success is yours. We are proud of you all. SMK ASAS is the BEST. For those who 'slack a bit', don't despair and never loose hope (Maher's lyrics). If Allah wills, with a lit bit more effort, be close to Allah, you will also gain success.... Success in this world and glorious in the here after.

    On 25 Feb, Friday, SMKASAS counsellors (Mdm Norhayati and Madam Maysharra) organised a sharing session on IPTAs at the school resource centre and was followed by a gathering of all Pre U lecturers and 2010 STPM batch candidates at the school canteen. In her short speech, the senior assistant for Pre U, congratulated all, candidates and teachers alike, for the efforts and commitment that had proven to be the recipe for the excellent results. She hoped that the x-students would continue for their quest for knowledge at higher institutions and also finally proof that they would be the "khaira ummah". Amin.




Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....