Thursday, March 24, 2011

SPM 2010 Results

SPM RESULTS OUT 23 March 2011

Peace be upon all and greetings to all.  May the blessings of Allah be upon us.

Yes, the undeniable fact, SPM 2010 results.  Some might jump in joy while others a bit frustrated.  Whatever the feeling is, accept it.  Congratulations to all teachers teaching SPM 2010 for 100 % pass.  (Madam Faridah Husna Abdullah-Senior Teacher for Language) must be the most relieved person as BM is the subject that determines the passing percentage.  Meaning, you passed BM, you passed SPM. (Miss Lenny-Senior Teacher for Humanity, was anxious too to see the SEJARAH results. It would soon be a compulsory subject to pass too.)

Salute to Noradillah Sabeni. The BEST candidate for 2010.  She scored 3A+, 4A, 1A-, 2B+ and 1B.  Though she did not manage to get straight A's, she indeed has made the school proud.  (Info-Last year's best was 7A's)

Noradillah's SPM 2010 slip...8As and 3Bs printed on the slip, prooving that she's the BEST. Congratulations!

Here's a brief analysis of SPM 2010:-

8A's - 1 candidate (Noradillah Sabeni)
6A's - 2 canidates (Farah Aqilah, Nasuha Panjai)
5A's - 1 candidate (Nurul Amalina Salleh)
4A's - 4 candidates
3A's - 9 candidates
2A's - 13 candidates
0A - 27 candidates (
 100%  Pass in the following subjects : BM, English language, Se
100% Pass for the following subjects:  B. Malaysia, English Language, Sejarah, Perdagangan, Tasawur Islam and English For Science and Technology (Congrats Shah Shooter, the only candidate and scored C+)

Overall Percentage pass -100%

Anyway, all the best to all.  InsyaAllah, success will be with you. Amin.  Tha'ts all for now.



Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....