Monday, April 11, 2011

Petanque for All!!!!!

Petanque Open (students)2011

 Upper 6th formers (girls) had successfully organised Petanque Open Triple tournament  for girls of SMK Agama Saratok. It was held on Tuesday and Wednesday (5-6 April 2011) at the recently upgraded school petanque courts.  The activity was monitored by the Head Teacher in-charge, Madam Amira and assissted by all female Form 6 Academic teachers, Madam Nelley, Madam Naimah, Ustazah Nooraishah and Miss Marilyn. The response from the girls was good and 13 teams handed in their forms to the organiser. For the preliminary round, 20 minutes was the time given  and the team with the highest point would go to the next round (semi and quarter finals).
      The results:
Champion -"Steadeh..."
2nd place - Hemo-hemo
3rd place - Three Ns

      Congratulations to all Upper 6th Girls for the smooth flow of the tournament. The girls really enjoyed themselves. Below are some of the pictures for the tournament.  More pictures uploaded to MEMORIES. Do click!
In action, throwing the 'boule'

Anila (Pre U Upper 1) jotting the marks.
Where is the jack, the jack... the
3 Ns, posing before the game. They finally got 3rd. Congrats!!!
Ashmyda, the 'cool' umpire
That's all for. Coming soon, Petanque Double for Female teachers. Don't  miss it, so, keep following this blog.


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