Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day

27th May-SMK Agama Saratok Teachers' Day

Peace be upon all and greetings dearest blog followers.  Praise Allah, once again, a big event was able to be conducted successfully by the Pre U students. It was the last day before the school dismissed for the mid year break. Once again, the Pre U students were given the honour to organise the school teachers' day.  This time, Madam Amira and Mr Rahim played the roles as teacher-advisors to the senior students.

Mr Mahidi and Ustaz Amaluddin, read the Minister's and Director's of Education speech texts at the opening ot the event. This was followed by a speech by The Head for Senior of Students (SOS), Zaidi  of Pre U Upper 2.

Zaidi Deraman, the pride of S.O.S
In his touching speech, he thanked all educators for their commitment in  ensuring the success of all students, with their patience (and passion of course) guiding students like a candle burning itself for the light of others.

Emcees (with hidden potentials)-Dayana, Khairil, Farizan Nurejaina, Ramlan and Nazia

Later, the school administrators, headed by Ustaz Humam, cut a 3-kilo cake and also 'fed' the SOS head, Zaidi,  a slice of the delicious cake, to symbolize the memorable day.
The 3-kilo cake from all the students of SMK Agama Saratok

Teachers performing 'the must sing songs' -Pendidik Bumi Kenyalang and Kami Guru Malaysia

The Pre U students also gave a 'surprise' by announcing the best costume which suited the theme for the event, which went to Ustaz Annuar, Ustaz Rahimi,Madam Naimah and Madam Rosenah.Congrats!!!

Ustaz Annuar and Ustaz Rahimi, both in their smart Baju Melayu

Puan Naimah (in 1 Malaysia Kebarung Batik) and Madam Rosenah (in contemporary baju Kurung)

The emcees also announced the winners for Ping Pong (Champions,Ustaz Humam-teacher, Eman-student)and Petanque Open (Champions, Miss Dyg Ida dan Miss Hariyati-teachers, Steadeh...-students)  Prizes were handed over by Madam Nelley.  While for Class Cleanliness Competition, prizes were given away by Ustazah Wan Sharifah. Congrats again to pre U students for maintaining titles as the cleanest classes. (First dan third placing for Upper secondary category-Upper Six 2 and 1). Alhamdulillah.
The Prizes

The Teachers Day Celebration was ended by the "Bersalam" session.  Teachers later enjoyed tea break at the Conference Room, where they also exchanged gifts.


Below are some more photos....
AJK Cenderahati Guru

AJK Kek Hari Guru

Floor manager, Gunawan, Upper Six 2, with the technicians

Lower six 1, from Sri Aman with love

Lower Sixers posing with Ustaz Rahimi

Finally, congrats to Madam Amira, Mr Rahim and all Pre U students. May Allah bless you for what you have contributed.

The "sweet" yet "full of energy", Madam Amira. Congrats.

That's all for now. Praise Allah once again, and insyaAllah, we'll meet again in the next entry of the Pre U ASAR blog.  Enjoy your break. Don't miss your solah. InsyaAllah..




Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....