Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun-filled Days

Peace be upon all....

Since the last blog entry, there were 'tonnes' of activities in SMKASAS. No doubt, tiring but, more important, they were enjoyable. :)

"Hari Permuafakatan" was held on the 10th of July. The Lower Six students offered their sevices to enlighten the teachers' tasks and ensured the 'smooth flowing' by showing parents directions to the classrooms. There were stalls set up at the school foyer as it was also the Vocational and Technique week.

On the same day, it was the Teacher's Day Celebration Betong Level which was held at SMK Saratok. Congrats to Us Shahrizan for being awarded "Anugerah Kecemerlangan Ko-kurikulum". SMKASAS also grabbed 14 other awards regarding academic achievement.
Next, the Upper Six colloquium has started. To date, 4 groups have presented their research work and the lecturers were satisfied with all presentations so far. All groups proved that they had the 'expertise' in creating outstanding slides.

A few selected Lower Six students girls (6 students) were lucky enough to be appointed as facilitators to SKAAR Primary School Students for "Kem Bestari Solat" at Saratok Jamek Mosque, 15 and 16th July. Congrats...., in line with our school slogan "Dunia Cemerlang Akhirat Cemerlang" InsyaAllah, your contribution for the camp really made up proud. These few managed to handle the 'hyper-active' Years 4 and 5 children very well. Community service activity is one of the areas to be fulfilled by the Pre-U students.
Last but not least, "Perkhemahan Rakan Muda 1 Malaysia" will start in a couple of hours once this entry is published. Once again, the Lower and Upper Sixth formers' service is very much sought after. All the best and do have a happy time.
Signing off,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

“Time to say goodbye to our PK HEM”

Peace be upon all.....

It is difficult to describe when someone is leaving us. However, that's the fact that we all have to accept. As announced by our PK 1, Madam Naimah, during our Monday assembly, Ustaz Zahar will leave us all. He will start another new episode of his teaching career at SMKA SHOAW.

Ustaz Zahar, in one word, can be described as HUMBLE . I am sure that pre U ASAS community agrees with this. We can see the kindness in his heart. He has helped us through many difficult times, and of course we have shared the joyous times together too. We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude, and we usually would only realize this, when it's time to part.

Ustaz Zahar, our greatest appreciation for the so many good things you have given us. Syukran.... Frankly, it sad to let you go. Until the next time we meet again, our dearest, beloved Ustaz Zahar, farewell for now. All the best in your new school. Ma'assalama...

Students and teachers, saying farewell.....

Goodbye from us too.... Upper 6 formers boys....

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. ~Author Unknown

Ustazah Wan Sharifah, our new PK HEM. Congrats and all the best, you will have our support, insyaAllah... On her right, Ustazah Nooraishah, taking over as Senior Teacher for Islamic Studies, previous Senior Teacher for Humanities.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Pictures Of Hari Kooperasi Sekolah (HKS)

Peace be upon all/greetings once again.....

Dearest Pre U ASAS students and faithful blog followers. Here are more pictures of Hari Kooperasi Sekolah (SMKASAS 2010)

1. Invited guest and school admins at the "Tree Planting" event officiating the launching of Hari Kooperasi Sekolah (from left, Miss Marilyn, Madam Nelley, Mr. Tan, Madam Naimah, Mr Zaidi and Ustaz Zahar) and of course, Super Seniors, Azwan, Fitri and Al Zubair.

Prize-giving to the best school cooperator ( correct term Miss Marilyn?) to Mazlan Suud of Upper 6 1.

Pre U Asas Students taking part in the Petanque Competition. Spot your own pictures.... :)

That's all for now. However, before I end tody's entry, on behalf of PreU ASAS, we would like to bid farewell to our PKHEM, Ustaz Zaharudin Zahari, who is recently transferred to SMK (A)SHAOW. All the best and do not forget us at PreUASAS. Thanks for all the good things that you have given us.
Lots of love and wassalam,

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hari Koperasi

Peace be upon all.
It has been quite some time that this blog is not updated..... too many activities in school.....Well for today's entry, here's a report concerning the above by your 'cute' lecturer, Miss Marilyn. Enjoy reading......

Hari Koperasi Sekolah (HKS) peringkat SMK ASAS berlangsung dari 27 Jun hingga 3 Julai dengan tema "KREATIVITI DAN INOVASI MEMPERKASAKAN KOPERASI SEKOLAH". Para pelajar tingkatan enam turut bertungkus -lumus membantu menjayakan majlis perasmian dengan menyediakan penanda buku yang bakal diedarkan kepada seluruh warga sekolah.

Satu majlis perasmian HKS telah diadakan pada hari Isnin (28 Jun 2010). Majlis berlangsung dengan bacaan perutusan daripada YB Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia yang disampaikan oleh sdr Azwan bin Kajang; perutusan daripada YB Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan yang disampaikan oleh sdr Mohd Al-Zubair,dan perutusan daripada Yang Dipertua ANGKASA yang disampaikan oleh sdr Mazlan Bin Suud. Seterusnya perasmian oleh PKP SMK ASAS, Pn. Naimah Hj. Ahmad. Dalam majlis yang sama, sdr Mazlan Bin Suud telah dianugerahkan jurujual terbaik koperasi kategori lelaki.

Akhir sekali acara penanaman pokok disempurnakan oleh pihak pengurusan SMK ASAS bersama tetamu jemputan En. Tan Eng Hua dari SKM cawangan Saratok. Sepanjang HKS 2010 peringkat SMK ASAS ini pelbagai aktiviti menarik telah dan akan dijalankan. Antaranya ialah pertandingan petanque kategori guru dan pelajar. Bagi kategori pelajar, penyertaan dari para pelajar tingkatan enam rendah amat memberangsangkan yang mana kesemua pelajar tingkatan enam rendah telah menyertai pertandingan tersebut.Mereka juga telah menggondol gelaran johan untuk kedua-dua kategori pelajar lelaki dan perempuan.Seterusnya pertandingan kuiz koperasi dan jualan Hari Koperasi juga akan diadakan.
Okay, that's all for the time being. More report and pictures coming soon. Keep reading this blog.

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....