Saturday, February 26, 2011


Peace be upon all and greetings to dearest anxious blog followers.... Barakallah... All praise be to Allah..... for all the blessings... Here you are, the details...

  • No of candidates-35 candidates
  • % Pass-97.14%
  • Min PNGK (GPS)-2.29 (National-2.27)
  • 4P-13 candidates
  • 3P-15 candidates
  • 2P-6 candidates
  • 1p-None
  • 0P-1 candidate

  • Top Achievers

    Nor Afzanizah bt Yusuf-3.25

    Khalida bt Halim-3.08

    Suryanti bt Mahidi-3.08

    Mohd Farris-3.00

    Siti Khadijah-3.00

    On behalf of Pre U Unit, we would like to congratulate not only the top achievers listed above, but also to all candidates. You have shown us that, you have the potentials together with your pleasant attitude, success is yours. We are proud of you all. SMK ASAS is the BEST. For those who 'slack a bit', don't despair and never loose hope (Maher's lyrics). If Allah wills, with a lit bit more effort, be close to Allah, you will also gain success.... Success in this world and glorious in the here after.

    On 25 Feb, Friday, SMKASAS counsellors (Mdm Norhayati and Madam Maysharra) organised a sharing session on IPTAs at the school resource centre and was followed by a gathering of all Pre U lecturers and 2010 STPM batch candidates at the school canteen. In her short speech, the senior assistant for Pre U, congratulated all, candidates and teachers alike, for the efforts and commitment that had proven to be the recipe for the excellent results. She hoped that the x-students would continue for their quest for knowledge at higher institutions and also finally proof that they would be the "khaira ummah". Amin.



Monday, February 14, 2011

PBSM and The School Sports Day

Peace be upon all....Greetings dearest Pre U ASAS Blog followers,

Few days before the sports days, (Monday, 7 Feb 2011, if I'm not mistaken) Miss Marilyn managed to demonstrate bandaging techniques to the Upper 6th formers during fthe PBSM meeting and students tried applying the new found knowledge onto their peers.

On the following Wednesday to Friday(9-11 February 2011), the Upper Sixth formers once again served (as helpers to teachers) to ensure the smooth following of the long awaited event and at the same time they were able to make use of their skills to give a hand on first aid to wounded athletes. Bravo.....
Let the pictures below tell the story......

The training...... (PBSM)

The briefing (task division)

The Sports Days.....

That's all for the time being.... Wassalam.....



Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Peace be upon all blog followers. Greetings. May the blessings of Allah be with us always.

29 January, praise Allah, SMKASAS had successfully organised "Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan SMKASAS 2010". Congratulations to all winners. (Parents too for their support and of course, Pre U Upper 2010-Len, Asnida, Far East, Zubair, Khalida, CT Zulaiha for your attendance. Not forgetting, Azwan :)
In today's entry, are pictures taken during the rehearshal and the actual day. Thanks to Miss Suzana for the photos. Here you are....

The stage..... simple.......

"kompang" and "bunga manggar" (Fifth formers....Pre U 2012 batch?...)

Pre U ASAS students....... Teachers......welcoming guests

YB Tuan Hj Wahab Aziz, the guest of honour

Mr. Principal, delivering his welcoming speech.

Noradilah Sabeni (5 Sc 1 2010)-Anugerah Pelajar Harapan Award

Attentive audience.... total focus on the event

Before I end, here's more info about happenings in school. (Sorry, no pictures)
1. On Monday, 31 January, we had a special gathering during the morning assembly for a special event to aknowledge all the school leaders, from class monitors, dorm heads, PRS to Naqib/Naqibahs. Leadership in Islam is a trust (amanah). Try your very best to guide, protect and to treat others fairly and with justice. The school hopes that you all will carry out your responsibilities towards the school community. So, humble and InsyaAllah, success comes from Allah. Leaders model the way. (Kouzes and Posner)
2. After Zuhur prayer, Tuesday , 1 February, school is dismissed for the Chinese New Year holiday and school will reopen on Monday, 7 February.
3. The School Sports Day will be held once the school reopens. (Wednesday-noon to Friday)
That's all for now. Illallika. Maasalammah.
Love always,

Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....