Friday, March 9, 2012

STPM 2011 (2)

 Peace be upon all/Greetings.  We meet again. All praise be to Allah for making this possible.

 As promised, in today's entry, we'll have some photos to share with all in conjunction with the release of the STPM results recently. We would like to convey our congratulations once again to Siti Farzalina Mohd Faizal Bong, our best student with PNGK 3.25. Below are recent photos of her.

Ustaz Norul and Mr Rahim witnessing Siti opening her slip.
"Tiada halangan, hanya cabaran!" -Siti Farzalina 
The STPM slip
Congratulations too we dedicate to Gunawan b Semawi.  We were not able to capture a snapshot of him when he came to collect his slip recently.  Anyway, we've uploaded his best photograph. Ehem.. ehem...
Gunawan and his slip

Also, not forgetting all ex students of ASAR (2009-2010 batch). Syukran jazilan for being such 'sweet' students.  Do visit us again.
From left: Fahana, Siti Farzalina, Nurejaina, Dalilatiana, Alnur Zalifahazla and Rashidah....
To end, we will alway pray for your success.  Please contact us if you have news to share. Till we meet again...

Lots of love always.....


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....