Friday, March 23, 2012


 Kaifa halluk? May we all be under the blessings of Allah always.... InsyaAllah.

        Undeniable, ASAR, (our new a.k.a.) is certainly packed with a lot of activities, no doubt interesting ones... Today, we have have a short report on the happenings in school since school reopened after the mid first semester break to date.

        On the first day, all teachers gathered at Dataran ASAR (formerly known as Dataran Kejat), to welcome all students back to school after the short 1 week break.  This event was also held to symbolise the official launching of  "Guru Penyayang" campaign.
Madam Amira: Welcome back dear...

Loving teachers...

 The photographer on duty. Guess who?

        On the second day, after the teaching learning session, all Form 6 academic teachers met at the principal's office for the STPM 2011 Post Mortem. Discussion covered sharing of opinion, brainstorming of ideas including the strengths and weaknesses for all subjects and also what should be the best strategy to boost STPM 2012 result.

Serious agenda..... for the bright future of ASAR...
        On the third day onwards, the last two periods were used to complete students' reasearch.  We would not want to miss what Mdm Naimah (Head of Research) had scheduled for the group presention in colloquium session in April.

Adziana and Dayana, preparing slides for powerpoint presentation

Farmiezie, typing his research paper

Izat and Suarni: Two brains better than one!

Teamwork, the recipe for success

On the third day too, the principal, Madam Seraya, had a special session with all exam candidates including the upper sixth formers.  Their slot was aat 9:30 a.m. The Pre U Upper and Madam Seraya gathered at the school library for a programme called "Sejenak Bersama....."  In this event, Madam Seraya gave advice, motivation and shaared precious tips. The students' individual target for STPM were also collected to be monitored personally by the loving principal.

Madam Seraya: To get 4A's, you need to work beyond 4A's

        To wrap up, what we have done so far is to show how much we love and care for ASAR students and also for the best of our students. We would like very much to see all ASAR students as 'Khaira Ummah' in every perspective, in this world and the here after. InsyaAllah.


Love always....


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....