Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pre U ASAR Community Service


Peace be upon all/Greetings dearest blog followers,
Praise Allah... Today, 14th April, Pre U ASAR once again managed to conduct yet another successful community service.  The selected venue-Surau Darul Iman, Kampung Melango Baru, Saratok. The bus was still under maintenance but this did not hinder the pre U humble plan.  Thanks to Miss Aida, Miss Azean and Miss Fariza for helping out with the transport for 32 pre U upper students (don't forget brooms, mops, pails, drinks, food, souvenirs, and others) in addition to the Pre U academic teachers' cars. (Madam Nelley, Madam Naimah, Miss Marilyn and Mr Rahim). Not forgetting, Mr Hambli.  He was passing by and voluntered sending some of the students back to scchool after the programme ended. Also our thanks to Syafiqah Sapaie's mother who also helped to transport the students back to school. Jazakallah.....

Nadzirah posing at the entrance
Throughout the programme, the Pre U students showed a very high level of commitment as well as the Pre U academic teachers. Mabruk.  Mdm Amira, Ustazah Nooraishah and Ustaz Norul were not able to join us as they were attending a course for the new STPM Modular in Sibu.

Pre U ASAR would like to thank our principal, Ustazah Seraya for making this programme possible (permission and allocation....) Also our appreciation to Tn Hj Yusuf   Bin Hj Trang, the chairman of Darul Iman Surau and also Tuan Imam 1 and tuan Imam 2 for allowing us to carry out our activity at Surau Darul Iman.
Tuan Hj Yusuf Trang

Our souvenirs for accepting us...

In a nutshell, everything went smoothly as planned and God willing, with this programme, we hope that the pre U students have gained hands-on experience on fulfilling their responsibility as a member of the community and as a preparation to serve in the real world. InsyaAllah.

Below are some pictures taken during the programme.

Let's start!

Ready to serve.....

Miss Marilyn, wiping away the spilt green paint

Cheerfull always...:)

Madam Naimah entering the surau

Amirah, the gate
Izzat and Suarni giving a new look for the gate

Farmizie with the refreshments

 Dedicated Izzat

The boys with Mr Rahim

Excellent in this world and the here after

One for the album
That's all for the time being. Till we meet again. InsyaAllah.

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Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....