Sunday, April 29, 2012

1 Murid 1 Sukan 2012

Peace be upon all/Greetings dearest loyal Pre U ASAR blog followers. Hoping that all of us will be blessed with peacefulness and health. Amin.....

 ASAR is defintely always busy with 'happening' activities. Last week, ASAR became host for the state level 'Kem Ibadah for Asrama Students' and it was followed by 1M1S carnival. Date as shown in the banner below.

For this time being, no track events were competed,only sports and games with different categories for lower and upper forms. We had volleyball, futsal, netball, chess, football, takraw and petanque . The participation was for forms 1 to 5 only while the Pre U students were appointed as committee members to facilitate ASAR teachers. Congrats.   The pictures below will tell you the stories: ...(no ideas to write...)

Mr Hipeni, PKKK, the busiest man. Mabruk....

Us Annuar, the manager for the Champ, RED house-Uthman al Arfan

Miss Hamidah, the manager for GREEN house, 3rd place

Hampers, enough for every one

Not the champ but full of spirit-Ali Abi Talip

For the two days, (25 and 26 April), the Pre U students also held a stall with the objective to collect funds for 'long list' pre U activities.  All pre U students and academic teachers worked hand-in-hand and their efforts brought success as the collections that they got from the 2-day bussiness was totally beyond expectation. Praise Allah. For the rest of the story, again the pictures below describe better than words.  He...he...

Sis Syaf's 'hot selling' hot dog

Fiqah Smile's Chicken wings....Nyum....nyum....

Juicy drinks-sunquick, ribena and special pink guava prepared by Farah

Keropok Lekor, the attraction of  "Mini Gerai Akaq"
Sis Amoy's Kebab Ombak Rindu

Madam Amira and Ustazah Nooraishah, at 'Mini Gerai Akaq'

Customers flocking to 'Mini Gerai Akaq'

"Mari....Mari....", Mr Rahim

Support from teachers, Miss Anna, Mdm Agatha and Miss Endoh

To end, our YDP PIBG, Mr Wan Kamarulzaman, was invited for the closing ceremony and he also gave away prizes to the winners. Mr Wan Kamarulzan also performed the gimmick for the closing by kicking a ball, symbolising the end of the event.

Students were dismissed early on that day.  "Selamat balik kampung"', Nadzirah and Ameerah

Till we meet again, have a good attitude, don't miss your prayers, be close to Allah and InsyaAllah, you'll be alright. Smile.


Love always,


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....