Friday, March 1, 2013

A new beginning....

Peace be upon all/Hi dearest faithful Pre U ASAR blog followers,
     Tons of apologies (more if that's not enough) for the long absence. Frankly speaking, there's no specific reason to justify the silence.  Well, let bygones be bygones. A the heading above reads 'a new beginning',  Insya Allah, there'll be more posts after this.
      To start, a few photographs below portray recent happenings in ASAR.(in random order....He..he..)

Faiz and Amal,Pra U Cemerlang, paying full attention in class

Idzwan, Pra U Dedikasi, rehearsing under Mdm Amira's guidance.
 Congrats to Idzwan. 4th position for Pertandingan Pidato Pra U Peringkat Bahagian Betong 2013. You have proved that your are among the best.
Ummu Salamah, Pra U Cemerlang
Plotting the pie chat for Pengajian Am subject
The ASAR Administrative Board
 On the right, ahlan wa sahlan to our new PKHEM, Ustan Wan Roslan.
 (Not in pic-Mr Hairul-Counselling Teacher)
      Apologies once again. A lot of pictures intended to be uploaded, however as usual, network problem.... In short, ASAR is forever "transforming" to the better and to be the BEST (in this world and the hereafter, InsyaAllah). Umara' ASAR (previously prefect) is headed by Amaluddin  and assisted by Nasuha bt Singki (both of Pra U Cemerlang) and to complete the Umara' list are mostly the Pre U students.

      Raudah al-Ilmi (pronunciation-Raudatul ilmi) is in the process of facelifting. To this point of time, 80% completed. (Personal comment-the most beautiful room at ASAR so far). Pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible.
      Before signing off, looking forward to seeing all Pre U Upper 2012 soon. Why? STPM Terminal results is around the corner. InsyaAllah. Adios....Wassalam

Always 'loving'  Pre U ASAR,


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....