Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Redeeming BB1M Trip to Sibu 2013

Peace be upon all/Greetings.
Praise Allah. We meet again with yet another report of the colourful life of Pre U ASAR.

      23 Pre U ASAR students and 6  teachers went on the above mentioned trip on Tuesday,19th March 2013. (Madam Naimah was unable to follow the trip as she had to attend an audit course at Sarikei.)  We left for Sibu after the school assembly at about 8:00a.m sharp.
      A few bookstores were visited including Popular at Delta Mall, Academic Bookstore, Rejang Bookstore and Public Bookstore at Wisma Sanyan. Lunch was at SCR...(except Fitrah-KFC he...he...) The trip was successful as majority managed to redeem all vouchers (except a few....Amal for example).  Mr Hambli drove the bus alone, as Mr Sitora had some family matters to attend to. Anyway, the weather was fine and the trip was indeed a very enjoyable one.

The series of photographs below show the flow of the trip. (A picture tells a thousand stories...He..he... )

Us Norul leading the prayers
Miss Marilyn distributing BB1M envelopes plus some pocket money (fuhyo..)

Smile all the way, books on the way

Ninie & Ummu

Minah & Siti

Cheerful ladies of ASAR

Zahra & Fahatun

Adam: Rezki...rezki...
Along: Ado juak duit aku tuk...
Thaqif: Duit aku ado lebih berik cikgu. Sound kah x??????
Idzwan: ?????????????
Azizi: Semuo ado, Long.

Idzwan and Nasuha with books and stationery
Us Norul: Ni yang malas ni....Buku BA gerenti takda. Ya rabbi...

Vouchers and ICs at the payment counter

At Public Bookstore
MasyaAllah..... That's a lot of things
 "Shop till you drop....."
Reading new books on the bus
Back to school
Okay, before signing off, thanks to all teachers involved and the well disciplined Pre U students.  Check out the next entry on STPM Modular Term 1 results.  Results will be released on the same day with SPM 2012 results, Thursday, 21 March 2013.  Till then, bye...


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....