Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mid Year Exam (STPM Trial 1)

Peace be upon all and greetings dearest readers,

Upper Six Formers at this moment are 'busy' revising. Mid Year Exam has just started and will end next Thursday. Focus, as well as your commitment towards your revision, is important. No time to waste. You need to proof that you are excellent not only in conducting co-curricular activities, but also academically....or else your one and a half years of pre-u quest for knowledge will 'flow down the drain'. This final year is crucial. Waiting for the last minute or burning midnight oil should not even be in your agenda to be on the road to success.

To the 'lecturers', S.O.S. has proven that they managed to organise any activity (Ping Pong Open for both students and teachers, Petanque open, Teachers' day.... to name a few). However, the final test is STPM. The percentage of passes last year, 2009, is 97.4%. 12 students achieved 5 principals. This year? How about 100%? Yes, YOU CAN!!!

Tomorrow is 'balik kampung', therefore do bring along your reference books, REVISE AT HOME. Take this exam seriously. Your results later will indicate your readiness to face the BIG EXAM. We always believe that you are the best and you will make us proud!!! InsyaAllah...
Pssttt..... Read the earlier entry "Apabila Diri Malas" contributed by lovely Cikgu Umang, your MUET lecturer. Syukran...


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....