Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orientation Programme for Lower Six and Teachers' Day

Peace be upon all and greetings....
The Orientation Programme for the Lower Six started on the 11th of May 2010. Lower Six Formers were introduced to the team of 'lecturers', subject package offered, time-table, etc...etc...etc... There were ice-breaking sessions, talks, slide shows, recreational activities and lots more. Each slot went as planned.
However, the attendance of the lower six formers was quite disappointing. :( For record, about 60 registered on the first day but only about thirty students attended the programme from day 1 till the closing. Many gave excuses they had to attend interviews (esp for teachers' training college, to finish off the "Giat Mara" modules, and few more other reasons...)
Anyway, SMKASAS will always wellcome you. Bear in mind the closing date for registration is 21 May 2010. And for those who had registered but 'disappeared' later, you'll get a lot of O's in the attendance register book. You do not want us to send you 'warning letters' , do you?
Madam Naimah, our Head Senior Assistant 1, officiated the closing on behalf of our Principal, Hj Mahusain, who in still away on sick leave. Let us all pray that he would regain his health fully and join us at ASAS as soon as possible. Amin.
Teachers' Day was celebrated on the 15th of May. The Upper Six Formers a.k.a S.O.S, were given the honour to conduct this big event. Overall, the occassion went smoothly and though quite simple (due to budget and time), the general comment by most teachers was it was a meaningful occasion. Bravo, S.O.S. We are proud of you.

That's all for now. For those faithful readers of this blog out there, happy reading. Check out for more interesting entries in future. This is Ma'am signing off. Bye....


Peace Be Upon All/Greetings....